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Mac Potts Bio

Mac Potts has been stunning crowds in Portland, OR since he began his professional career as an entertainer at 11 years-old. Born totally-blind, Mac began to tickle the ivories at 18 months old.

A prodigy, he studied the piano classically until he discovered rock-n-roll and began picking up the blues and saxophone with some coaching from local artists. He soon began playing in blues festivals across the Pacific Northwest, Cincinnati, and Memphis performing solo, duo, with blues bands, and with local and national artists.

Inspired as a young teen, Mac began traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana for the famed Jazz and Heritage Festival where he began to share the stage with Harry Connick Jr., Dr. John, Marcia Ball, and many more. He returns to New Orleans every year to headline at iconic restaurants and jam in clubs until dawn. His travels down south inspired his album, Crescent City Dreams.

At 16 years-old, Mac discovered his soulful voice and found his niche as a cover artist - taking patrons requests from the 30th floor of Portland City Grill to the landmark Heathman Hotel and performing at dozens of establishments since. You can find him at his steady gigue, Warehouse '23 in downtown Vancouver, Wa, where he plays solo and dueling pianos.

As a wedding musician, DJ, and dynamic (and hilarious) entertainer, Mac has shared his talent with fans in New York, Washington D.C., and the concert halls of Portland, Florida, and Seattle.

A Tens Grands artist since 2011, Mac quickly became a favorite addition to the show with his high-energy and engaging performances.

Mac and Hailey Potts

In addition to his music, Mac was discovered in 2016 by Cut Media and has since been casted as himself in various unscripted viral videos - including "Kids Describe Colors to a Blind Person," which has gained millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

Mac is the owner of Black and White Piano Tuning in SW Washington, where he lives with his wife (piano teacher, composer, and fellow Ten Grands artist), Hailey Potts. Together, they are expecting their first child, due September 2018.

Inspired, Mac is appropriately naming his next record, an Ed Sheeran cover album, Three - to be released Fall 2018.